Journal 2

First, I would like to share my opinion which is about gender and sexuality Renee Kingan presented in her lecture.
The biggest thing I was impressed from the lecture was there have different types of thinking from America and Japan. As the lecture indicates, American seemed aggressive to consider this problem while japan is not to do so. I think that is because LGBT is not so popular in japan than in US and we can point out two reasons that suppose that hypothesis. The first reason is it is difficult and complex thing making public that I am LGBT or even realized. The other reason is just the idea of LGBT is not infiltrating society and also Japan is not recognizing by the law. For their reasons, I think it will take much more time to feel closer to LGBT than US what Japanese call “developing country of gender and sexuality.” American government’s guarantee of the LGBT is big deal, for example, according to the website, it says that America has the grateful organization which aim to help and support LGBT on each state so that the whole society cares about them. However, in japan, as I mentioned a bit above, there are no solid guarantee system. Because of that if you spend a life as LGBT, even you come to feel embarrassment that he/she doesn’t want to suppose to. In addition, we rarely have the class of LGBT so that we don’t have much time to think about it. However, I’m sure that the idea of LGBT is getting popular in japan so that we need to create the equal society including the LGBT.
Second, I just want to talk about lecture by Dr. Melvin Ely. He gave us a lot of knowledge of the slavery that I’ve never studied before. I strongly think that discrimination depends on their color was one of the hugest terrible mistakes in the long world history. As professor mentioned, some people think slaves were necessary due to do well in their important working role. I think workinng role is important but it isn’t compeletly make sense of brutarity to slaves. I’m a bitt afraid to say but I would image American tend to think forward and new things in order to hide their past big incident. Therefore, since the slavery isn’t compeletely abolished, we must act with justice not repeat such miserable happenings.

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