Journal 2

I took the lecture about race yesterday. I was so surprised to see the picture of Black people who were lynched by White people. I studied the race problem about Black people in the U.S when I was high school student, but I didn’t know how awful it was. In Japan, about 90 percent of people are “Japanese” so I think it is difficult for people from foreign country to live comfortable. Because they can’t get a job which can earn a lot of money in order to live in Japan. The situation that they work at a convenience store and fast food shop can be seen in Japan. Also in particular Korean and Chinese people make their own town in specific area like Shinookubo, Chuka-Gai. I heard about the percentage of Black people differs from place to place in the U.S. I thought this is similar to the U.S.
Sometimes Japanese people are afraid of Black people just they look like strong or something. And I have heard Black man who lives in Tokyo said that he is sad because Japanese people don’t want to seat next to him on the train or some place. In Japan, different from the U.S, We don’t discriminate foreign people obviously but I think the discrimination exists certainly.
And also some Japanese people don’t like Korean people due to the historical and territorial problem, but I like Korean people,Korean food, and Korean culture. Just because I like K-POP and then I become interested in Korea, and study about them. Their culture and music can be good opportunities to know about them. In my opinion, I think people will be treated equally in someday if we don’t forget to respect others and keep trying to know each other.

I went to the slave trail yesterday. I could understand the history of slaves a little. The development of the U.S can’t be talked about without Black people. Historically, also Japan had slaves they are called Eta Hinin means dirty people in Edo era. They are very important because they did what the others don’t want to do. And discrimination for them still exist just a little bit in particular areas. However that is eventually faded. I think to educate children not to have slaves again is important, so the slave trail is very essential place to do that. We have to keep there for the future.

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