Journal 2

Through walking the Richmond slave trail and seeing the monuments, I thought it is a difficult problem how to tackle the racial history. Like Neeve said before the lecture, there are arguments whether we should take the monument away because slavery was such a terrible history. I think I would agree to keep the monument. It is important to keep the monument because it shows us that the history of slavery really existed and reminds us of that whenever we see the monument, so the monument is in a way warning us in order to make such thing would never happen again. And we can send that message to the next generation as long as we have the monument kept. However I do understand the feeling of the people who think we should take away the monument. The history of slavery is such harsh and I would probably be ashamed of what the Americans did in the past as a descendant if I were an American. And since the monument shows the history of slavery and we Japanese can see that too even if we did not know much about it, I think it could mean that it tells everyone that America once had a mistake in the past.

 I also thought there were same kinds of arguments all around the world. It is not an argument of racial history, but we have a similar argument in Japan too. There is a big argument whether we should take away the Statue of Peace in Korea. The Statue of Peace is a statue that is modeled after the Korean girls who worked as a military prostitute for Japan. Of course, most Japanese people wanted to have it taken away because it reveals that Japan did such terrible things to Korean young girls. On the other hand, Korea wanted to keep it so as not to continue the history. This spread to be a diplomatic issue between Japan and Korea. I think this argument is very similar to the one above, because they are both talking about a historical thing and the history they are talking about is both cruel. And this argument tells us that if we tackle the history wrong way, we can have big problems.

I think these two arguments show the difficulties of the way to tackle hard histories. We could also say that if the history is harder, it gets more difficult to handle it because there would be more people who matters about it. And through thinking this, I felt that history is not just a past thing but it still lives now together with us.

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