Journal 2

2 days ago, we moved to Woodlands Hotel. It’s a really nice hotel. The breakfast was really good, and what was interesting was that we could make waffle by ourselves, and it was really good. However, there were actually some things surprised me. One is that there were no slippers and toothbrush in the room. In Japan, every hotel, even cabin hotel have these things, and they will change new one every morning. And another thing I felt amazing was that they didn’t clean up our room! They just changed the sheet and threw trash away. When I came back from Cray town and went to take a shower, I found the floor was dirty which meant they didn’t sweep it. I don’t know if it is because that we will live for a week here, so school told them that they didn’t have to do cleaning. But in Japan, no matter how long you will live in a hotel, they must clean up your room every day.
Next, I’d like to share our trip on the Slave Trail yesterday. There was a little river on the trail to Richmond. And what really surprised me is that Kate told us that there wasn’t a bridge at first, and in 1960s, the local students built one so that we could finish walking the trail. Actually, it also means that slaves must cross the river without bridge. About Slave Trail, Neeve asked us to think about why no one want to fix it but Monument Street actually was built pretty beautiful. I guess it is because that Monument Street is a symbol of American great history, but Slave Trail is not. It was a really humiliating period for African American, and they don’t think it should be honored in the history. That’s why nobody wanted to rebuild it beautifully.
And when we arrived Richmond, I found it was really different with Tokyo or other cities in Japan. Almost the buildings there were built by bricks, especially red bricks. And there were many highways in Richmond, just near the downtown. Cause in Tokyo, most of people use the train or subway to go out, there aren’t so many highways and the roads are always narrow.
That’s all about my trip to Richmond yesterday. And I’m really looking forward to the concert tonight, cause we were said to dance at the concert, and Julia showed us “chicken dance” right now. It’s a quite stupid and funny dance! I hope it can be a fun time.

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