journal 2

In framework about gender and sexuality, I found that Japan is much behind in them. By media, we can hear word of “LGBT”, but I think it is often mixed with sexual orientation, so gender identity is not known by many people. And, LGBTQ are often ignored by government and society. There are some reasons why these things happen.

First, Japan has treated something related to sexuality as a taboo. Most of the main characters in Japanese major movies and books and TV drama are cisgender, because creators think that most people are cisgender and LGBTQ are not “normal”. So unnormal is dangerous they think. And, when foreign movie is shown, weird Japanese translation happens. For example, movie “Beauty and the Beast” in 2017 is shown in Japan but movie’s advertisement is different from American original one. In this movie, there are some LGBTQ characters and feminism aspects. However, Japan media didn’t show their aspects and they only advertised it as a romantic love story between heroin and hero. I think this case indicates how Japanese people don’t have interest in LGBTQ. So if there is someone who may have interest in them, he can’t know them easy in Japan.

Second, we don’t have opportunity to know LGBTQ in compulsory education. As I mentioned before, Japanese is afraid of contacting sexuality, elementary and junior high school teachers mostly don’t teach us feminism as well as LGBTQ. When people know something which they can’t understand, some people must get negative image about that. But if they have known that since childhood as a normal thing, they won’t deny that though they can’t understand that.

So I think Japan should treat LGBTQ or something related to sexuality as a normal thing. To achieve this goal, we have to change our education, media and government. I hope more people will live without being troubled by society.

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