Journal 2

I am interested in the difference of thinking about LGBTQ between Trump and Obama. Obama tried to protect LGBTQ and made some efforts for minorities to make a living in US easily. However, Trump does not allow people to be minorities and force people to integrate majority. Some people those who are afraid of any differences and minorities voted him, so it is natural result, but I think that Trump has a stereotype thinking and that he is not way ahead of the times. People need to be doubtful whether Trump select the right way or not. In America, same-sex marriage came to be legal in 2015. I think American should not waste some efforts that they have made until now.
I did not know about the rate of Black people in US, so I was surprised that only 11% of Americans are black people. I imagine that more people are black in US. However, it is clear from Black movement, Trump need to take some efforts for them to access larger societies.
I love music and I was excited to take a lecture about American music. There are some fundamental structures of American music. The one of structures is the chord progression. It was used by “12 bar blues” and jazz and rock. Dr. Max Katz introduced us that the American modern music uses the pattern of chord progression. Also we learned about the history of blues. Slaves sung some songs to express their feeling and emotion originally, and they want to call and response in their songs. This style of the songs came to be blues and early rock and roll. In addition, we learned why was blues called like that. Blues means “sad music” originally, and blues were used to express about a state of consciousness and the condition of injustice.
I had a good time in the dance party tonight. Brian’s drumming performance was really awesome. He is a professional. I would like to learn how to play drums from him someday.

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