Journal 2

The lecture on August 7 is so difficult for me. Because I have not been interested in gender until now. However, I have to think more about this theme, when I heard the lecture. In Japan, Many Japanese people regard it as a problem of a specific person, so We do not think as a familiar one. Actually looking, there are a lot of people suffering. When I was in high school, Gay, Bisexual and so on is one of things to make fun of others. This indeed is so worst. Thinking about what can I do for education of gender and sexuality in Japan, we should know more about current status. The government should set the policy more specifically as all are involved. The former movie was so sympathetic. In America, I heard they have a culture which they often make a lawsuit, so they have a chance to speak out of own problem. But in Japan, they hide own problem from a shame. Maybe this way of thinking is so superficial, then I have to know about differences.

     The lecture on August 8 is Race Relations in the U.S. After his lecture, Timeline made me clear to understand the background of U.S. about the race. The most impressive thing which I heard is that the change is continuing about the problem of race. I have known that there were many difficult to live in the U.S. for black people, but I learned these things more specifically. After the dialogue class, we went to Richmond. I’ve known that place because I saw the picture which the slaveries were sold when I was in my high school. At present, there are many tracks which the slaveries walked. I considered that how were the feeling of slaveries when they walked at Richmond. I cannot help having a sympathy to slaveries. This experience made me more thinking about the discrimination.

     The lecture on August 9 is American music. When I heard this theme, I imagine that today’s lecture would be more academic history of the music include the birth of country music, funk music, hiphop and so on. I’ve ever focus on lyrics. He showed me that the knowledge of the fundamental structure of music will broad my pleasure. If I come back to Japan, I’m going to listen a lot of music, especially Jazz. Today’s Jazz dance party was so nice. We should tell about more how to enjoy the music. Japanese often hesitates to dance because of one of the shame. I learned about following my feeling in some situations.

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