Journal (Entry 2)

Through the last three lectures, about “Gender and Sexuality”, “Race Relations in the U.S.” and “American music,” I learned a lot of cultures and the historical background in the U.S., especially gender problems.

I am going to work a company next year, so I am really interested in the relationship between businesses and sexualities. Because recently, Japanese companies faced a difficult problem that considering a LGBTQ problems. On the other hand, some Japanese companies tend to use this problem as a commercial effect to the contribution of Japanese society. I think that this situation in Japan is not good because they seem to be a good company to treat a personal issue such as a sexuality. But we do not forget another side of this situation, people living in Japan have opportunities to see and to be interested in this problem. In the U.S., a lot of companies has treated sexual issue. I did not live in the U.S., I heard that LGBTQ people are easy to work in the U.S. like Starbucks, Hallmark and Nordstrom, which companies took a high rating by the Human Rights Campaign, so I think that the U.S. is more excessive than Japan due to that index.

I am also really interested in the difference of Japanese music and American music because I always listen to the black music like R&B, Hip hops, and so on. I have interest more through the “American music” lecture, especially the blues form. I did not know the basic twelve bar chords of a blues is reflected by a standard harmonic progression of twelve bars in a four quarter time signature. I get to know another enjoyment point to seek the twelve bars structure in the music in those days and I would like to listen to the Blues music.

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