In the lecture of these 3 days, we learned several aspects of American culture. The lecture of race relations in the US was most interesting for me of these three lectures.

     Racism is the important problem to talk about America and it doesn’t completely disappear now. Professor explained in his lecture the history in which black people were treated cruelly and we actually went to Richmond and saw the place that slaves existed. Listening to the explanation, I felt that some of them were too cruel to believe. In America, the idea of racism is declining now. The tendency is shown by the story that Obama were elected a prime minister of the United States that is the country where only 10 of the population is black. But even now racism doesn’t completely disappear. The story that mobile phone hold on a white hand sent well than the one hold in a black hand well explain the present state of America. The racism in the US today exists under unconsciousness of people, so it is very difficult to solve the problem.

     I have discussed the US above and I’m going to talk about Japan from now on. Since I was born in Japan and grow up there, I have seldom felt racism in that country. However, even in Japan, like America, there is a kind of racism, I think. For example, some people hate Korean people and they sometimes make a hate speech on streets, claiming that Koreans should leave Japan and go back to their own country. It is more likely that such speech is done by older people than younger people. That may be because older people have been had a bad image for Koreans since World War . That can be considered racism happening in Japan. But Koreans are very similar to Japanese, so we cannot recognize them only by their accent. Considering that point, racism in Japan is less likely to recognize than the one in America.

     Though the professor argued in his lecture that racism will not disappear from this world, I think it is possible to decline such idea. One way to decline racism is to offer people better education. Before people get stereotype that whites are superior to blacks, in other words when people are still kids, children should be given an education that leads people to make good relationship each other regardless of race. And to offer more opportunities for whites and blacks to have relation is also effective. By doing so, they can have good relationship without having discrimination consciousness that don’t base on stereotype.

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