In framework lecture about “Gender and Sexuality” and “Race relations in the U.S.”, I thought that it is very different from Japan and the U.S. to think about these problems. I felt that Japan is less advanced than the U.S. about these problems, especially gender and racial problem.

In these days, women work easier than before in Japan.  However, I think people don’t know much about gender problem.  Sometimes people say about LGBT as a joke.  I don’t like it.  I think it is from less knowledge about LGBTQ’s problem.  Because Japan doesn’t have enough education about these kinds of new problems.  I think that we have to have a lot of time in order to change some education programs.  Besides, I was surprised to know that LGBT’s percentage is same with the percentage of left-handedness and people with type AB blood in Japan.  Actually, it is minority but it is not small and rare.  So, I think it is needed to know about this problem.  And we must make better society that it is easy for everyone to live.  So, I think we have to make a effort to know and spread about this problem.

Next, I would like to talk about Race relation in the U.S.  Firstly, I will answer the point that you advised me.  I have the question for you about the racial problem.  What do young people think about African American problem?  I think, maybe, elderly people tend to have more bad prejudices about the African American than young people.  Because elderly people have a lot of experiences.  So, they have strong belief.  Is this right, or not?  And I’ll talk about why Japanese people don’t know well about the racial problems.  Because I think there is just about one kind of racial in Japan.  So, we don’t feel the racial problem nearly.  We think these problems are not related with us.  However, I don’t think so, because we are becoming globalized.  We have to get a thought of global standard.

Finally, I talk about my experience of Slave Trail and Richmond.  I felt that Slave Trail is a little bit long.  I was surprised that slaves walked that road with heavy burden.  And I felt the atmosphere of Richmond is very good.  The buildings are very historic.  In addition to this, I was very impressed that there are a lot of paintings on the wall in the town.  I thought that people in Richmond save and treat history as an important thing for them.

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