In the August 7th lecture, the teacher asked us four questions, and I’m going to think about one of them. The question was that “should government protect or limit gender identify and sexual orientation?” I believe that government should protect both of them. Because people should be equal, including the aspect of education, and that is also written in the constitution. However, there is difficulty that how we could judge transgender people. The criteria are so vague. The problem can connect crime. For example, if the government enacts a legislation, any men wearing female dress may commit a crime. Thus, instead of protecting transgender human’s rights, many people can’t use toilets with an easy mind.

In the first place, I haven’t turned my eyes to this problem much. Maybe that’s why I think I may feel a little something is wrong when a person who looks like a man come into a female toilet. I heard that there has been a big argument since Barack Obama administration. In this way, this problem is like one of the social issues in America, but I don’t know about Japan, so I looked up on the internet. Human Rights Watch criticizes schools in Japan with its cope with transgender, for instance, they indicated the problem that transgender students can’t use toilets they want to use. In Japan, Ministry of Education recommend transgender students to use multipurpose toilets and staff toilets, so they can’t use toilets like other students use. It’s a problem I think, even if it’s for avoiding bullying and troubles. Because there are still issues such as when transgender students use the toilets that differ from one other use, they are labeled as handicapped people. Other example in Japan is it was in the news that “Nihon Joshi University”, a girl’s university have started examining about whether they should accept transgender women as their students.

As seen above, this issue also certainly exists in Japan, furthermore, it gradually comes to be in the news recently. As a result, the problem is getting to gather attention, I think. Thus, I think the government should be protect gender identify and sexual orientation, but it’s very difficult, and I don’t have any great ideas solving this problem. However, I feel it’s the good thing that the people have had interests gradually, and I believe broad understanding of the transgender people is the best way.


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