Journals 2

I have thought race issues in America are so important and complex, and those in Japan are not so much. It is because in school of Japan, the slavery and segregations in America are learned well, but we don’t learned discriminations in Japan very much.
But from my experiences, there are many discriminations in Japan. And I think the difference between Japan and America is the education.

When I was in elementary school, a lot of Korean students and Chinese students
were my classmates. My elementary school is near by shin-ookubo which is a Korean-town in Japan. They can speak Japanese very well, so we can communicate with them easily and naturally.

I feel Guardians and teachers also recognized we are equal. And, The elementary school often gave us opportunities to know cultures each other. For examples, food, traditional clothing, instruments.

However, in the town I often saw hate speeches to Korean people. And when I was a high school student, K-POP are very popular among us. But, some students hate K-pop or some parents restrict listening K-POP. It’s because they are Korean.

We don’t learn the history of Japan and Korean so that our thoughts are shaped from only our experiences and education from our parents.

I think this is the different thing between America and Japan. In America, they have many opportunities to study the history of discriminations like slavery and segregations. So that, most American can think discrimination is a bad thing.

Therefore, in America those people like KKK(Ku Klux Klan) which put hates on the chart are minority recently.

Meanwhile, in my opinion some people in Japan can’t think discrimination to Korean is a bad thing because there isn’t the education about the history of Japan and Korea. So, there are still many people put hates on the chart here and there.

To decrease those, we need the correct education and opportunity to know each other.

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