Journal 3

As we all know, American foods almost have high calories and much carb. And we learned about the reasons about it and differences between Japan and America about food. Since I really like eating, it was a really absorbing theme for me.
The reason that why American foods have so many calories and carb is that there is much oil and sugar used for making them. And I think it is because American people need charge for energy quickly for working.
One thing surprised me during the lecture was that in America, people always eat fruit cake in Christmas. In my imagination, there are always chocolate cake or strawberry shortcake for Christmas. Since there might be some differences between Japan and America, so I guessed maybe American people don’ t eat chocolate cake or strawberry shortcake. But I never thought that they eat fruit cake. Because I heard that apple pie was a popular choice for family parties, I thought in Christmas, people would eat apple pie in America. It’s because I got some information about American people’ s daily life and I made a wrong imagination. It’s always said that first impression is strongest.
And about the difference between what people eat for Christmas in Japan and America, I think the reason is that in Japan, maybe in Asia, people think that the cake for celebration must be circular. Cause as a Chinese, I have same feeling and I saw that in Korean dramas, they have same trend.
Yesterday, we finished our presentation. We used about one week to prepare it. It was really meaningful time for me, since I never did a presentation before. Actually, it let me learn a lot. I knew how to make a PowerPoint for presentation and what was important was not put too many words on one slide. What was the most important thing I learnt is to make an argument not to decide the theme. I think we tried our best to present, and I hope we will get a good grade.
And today, we went to church. I went to Catholic Church which is called St. Bede. It was my first time to go to church, so I feel every thing is new for me. There was a book which was all about songs. It’s really and just like a dictionary! I remembered that we sang about 6 songs and I felt it just like a concert. We must make a cross before sitting down and getting up. It was a little tiring experience. And I may never go to church again unless it is necessary.
I’m looking forward to the trip in Washington D.C!

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