Through the lecture, I am interested in food culture of America. The culture of food is very close to our life because people have to eat something to live. We can understand about each country by focusing on the food culture of that country. As professor said, there are strong relationship between American food culture and class, gender and race. Especially, I am interested in the differences of school lunch between the U.S. and Japan. As professor said, there are some problem about the school lunch in the U.S. For example, it has low nutrition. Meanwhile, Japanese elementary school offer so high amount of nutrition that children can be healthy.

When I was an elementary school student, the school published the letter about the school lunch and we got it every once a month. The letter told us many information such as the daily menu, the story where and how the meal come, the way of prevention of cold, and columns about meals. This show us that Japanese really emphasizes the importance of the quality of the school lunch. In my focus group work, we find the culture differences between the U.S. and Japan. Japanese has high-context culture and Americans have low-context culture. By using this theory, I think why school lunch in the U.S has low nutrition despite many people try to change such as Michelle Obama. In my opinion, each person does not have motivate the revolution of school lunch because they expect just education from school. In Japan, we think the school lunch is one of the most important education contents, so Japanese think having high nutrition in the school lunch is important.

The U.S. has big problem about school lunch and also Japan has some problem. The typical example is unpaid of the expense of the school meal. The rate of the unpaid is about only 1 %. However, almost all reason why their unpaid it is not that cannot afford to pay, just they do not want pay it. Japanese people capture this is the problem of moral. In the U.S, there seem to be many people who怀unpaid too. I knew this problem comes into existence all over the world by looking up on the Internet.

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On the other hand, people in japan are not interested in politics than in America. The vote rate is very low. I think the reason why Japanese people are not interested in politics is that any restrict is too strong, such as expenditure, information and advertisement. I have never seen the commercials about politic policy on TV because it is banned in Japan. Then we cannot get information about politics and some people do not know who are candidates. I think this is very big problem. Japanese politics have good system, but people do not participate in it. We can say that Japanese politics is not democrat by another reason in America.

I think both America and Japan have big problem about democrat.


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