I was very interested in the framework lecture about “Citizenship, Culture and Consumption” and my experience about my first time of going to the church.

First, I want to talk about the former lecture, because I am a student of department of commerce and business.  I was surprised to hear the lecture, as I don’t know that Citizenship, Culture and Consumption have relationships each other.  Especially, I’m very interested in Citizenship.  The professor mentioned that there are two kinds of Citizenship, legal and cultural.  I saw Citizenship as only meaning of legal, before I listened to this lecture.  However, I think cultural citizenship is very important, because how people feel in their daily lives are very important to live in society. Whether they feel fitting to the society is related to their happiness and a purpose of life.  So, the way of thinking about buying citizenship is very interesting for me.

Next, I’m going to talk about my first impression about my first time I went to the church.  I went to the Bruton Parish Episcopal church with Chris.  I can see that many people come to the church with very nice clothes with their families by their cars.  And also, I can listen the beautiful music.  I felt pipe organ and the voices of a choir are so great.  I was surprised that I could listen to live music.  Additionally, I was surprised that a few people speak in church.  I thought the only one person like priest spoke or read the Bible.  I felt the story that they talked about these days like the incident in Virginia is very interesting.  Because I thought they talk just the Bible in church.  And next, I realized that I didn’t see a lot of people who are our generation.  I don’t know whether just there are not many young people in Williamsburg.  In Japan, I think maybe young Japanese people tend to want to get up late on Sunday morning.  So, I thought that to go to the church every Sunday morning was very hard.  However, I think this way of thinking is because I don’t have a special religion.  I can’t imagine how people who has a special religion thinks about their religion.  So, the framework lecture of Religion in America is very difficult for me.  I feel that I have to study more about religion.

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