Journal 3

 In the recent lectures, I was interested in the lecture of American Food and Culture. The professor Khanh Vo talked that there is gender about food, for example, a steak is masculine, but a salad is feminine. I was so surprised it because I have never thought of such a thing about food. However, there are some women who concern that if they eat heavy food like a steak, other people might think that they are not like women. In my opinion, everyone should eat what you want to eat as long as you are healthy, and we have to think about equalizing a body to a behaviour in our mind. I think that it relates to the problems of LGBTQ people, for example, unfair discrimination or bias against them.
The day after the lecture, I went to Richmond to watch the baseball game. In the game, the Flying Squirrels we rooted for won because a pitcher hit a homerun at last in the situation of losing to the opponent team. So I was very excited and glad!! Also I found the difference of the baseball game between America and Japan. For example, there is no clack by using noisemakers in America, but the landscape often can be seen in Japanese baseball game. I enjoyed learning the cultural difference from outside of class.
The next day, there was a focus group presentation. Our group had to change a manuscript until the last moment and it was hard. I felt so nervous when giving the presentation because of my lack of experience and preparation. There is an issue I learned from the presentation. It is that I should memorize the manuscript to some extent and I have to be in the condition of being relaxed. Without it I can’t give a presentation with gestures and convey what I want to tell and my passion. In the future presentations, I want to draw on what I learned!

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