journal 3

In the lecture about the American consumption on eleventh August, I realized the power of American industry. Various things are sold in a vast selling area in the U.S., but only few products are not so bad and I think the quality of the product is really terrible. For example, the print of clothes in the U.S. is not symmetrical and the taste of foods is too much for me at least. However, there are the good aspect of products made and sold in the U.S. I think one of them is the challenging mind of the product in the U.S. I like that mind this is partly because I think almost all of the product in Japan is so boring due to the thinking that the customer is always right. On the other hand, the products in the U.S. is seemed that those are made in the intention of producers, playful mind. For example, the drink named Beacon Soda is sold in the grocery store. This is beacon taste drink. It is so weird that I hesitated to drink it up at the first time, but I feel the mind of producers.

I am interested in the difference of the values of the food between the U.S. and Japan. When I saw American people waste the food, I think that this was so useless. I wonder this is caused by the mottainai (もったいない) mind. I am going to try to make sense why American do that.

The lecture about the religion and the colonies is too difficult for me to understand. The one thing I learned is the attitude of each states for the religion is depend on the sect of the Christianity. There is a lot of sect of protestant church. I make sense that the religion especially Christ church cannot have political power. I believe the tendency of that the political power depend on the religion in Japan is more powerful than in U.S.

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