journal 3

On August 12, I did presentation and listened to other Focus Group presentations. I’m a member of Focus Group 2. we did presentation about team sports and announced about individualism and collectivism. Focus Group 3 also explained the same thing. So, even from the perspective of the service industry, they got to the same conclusion as us and I could sympathize very much. Every presentation was very straightforward and concluded with the difference between Japan and America. Then, the most interesting of them was Focus Group 1 that released about the lottery. Let me tell what I learned. There is common in that how we do the lottery. But, of course, there are many differences. While Japanese tend to do the lottery for generosity (helping others), Americans tend to do not for contributing to the society but for aspiration (fame, success). I was surprised that the lottery is only one of entertainment and people in America are a little selfish, not thinking much about others. Because it is natural for Japanese to do the lottery not only for themselves but also for the sake of the world and the others.
On August 13, I have been to Episcopal Church for the first time. I cannot understand what people say and sing, but I was able to know the atmosphere of the church. People sang many traditional hymns and anthems, and pipe organ was played. After that, I heard experience stories about other churches in Dialogue class. I forgot what kind of religion but I was surprised to hear that there is the religion that uses drums. In Japan, the biggest religion is Buddhism. In Buddhism, only the reads sesame and people just sit and listen to it not read and sing something. It is very different from Episcopal Church. And Framework lecture was difficult for me to understand but I could learn the history of the American religions and so on with Leah help.

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