journal 3

First, I would like to share my thought about American food and culture that Khanh Vo presented in her lecture. I was simply surprised that there have different ideas of food especially celebrating their Christmas day. I know that both American and Japanese eat cake to celebrate their Christmas day but I didn’t know that type of their cakes are completely different until I took her lecture. As this kind of example, we can see a lot of different food culture in the world based on the special products because of geography, climate matter.
I was also interested in thinking that food has related to local social issues such as position, even gender and race. Khanh Vo said these are not serious problem because people don’t care so much. On the other hand, in Japan, we never think about that kind of things so that those relation are really new to me.
Comparing food cultures in both country, the biggest thing that coming to my mind is the gap of conscious against the food. According to Dr. Charlie McGovern who presented us about consumption of US, I understood that American food culture that spending and buying a lot of food is almost opposite from Japanese. In addition to it, I realized that why American food are too salty because of offering to drink much beer. I’m strongly think the food diversities are great thing to compare their culture because it’s involved many things.

By the way, I visited church for the first time in my life today. The church where I went to pray was St. Bede Catholic Church that a lot of kind, friendly Christian came despite of the early morning. First, I was impressed how great the Crucifixion which is a holy cross with Jesus Christ was. I learned from friend who is Catholics that the difference between Protestant and Catholic are the existence of Jesus Christ on the cross. Thanks for this rare experience, because actually it is not familiar with religion in Japan, I’m sure that my vision of thinking about the religion has changed. Since, there are a lot of immigrants in the US, there are various kind of religion that is opposite to Japan. Through the lecture, I stared to realize there were so much problems especially politics that caused by religious conflict. I think it has almost nothing to do with religion in Japan, I strongly think that thinking and considering the issue about religion is important.

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