Journal 3

We had group presentations and learned about the cultural difference between American and Japanese. I was surprised that almost all groups focused on identity, especially individualism and collectivism. No.1group deal with the concepts of aspiration and generosity, and they compare the lottery’s contribution to society, and purpose of buying lottery. They find the difference of winner’s action between American and Japanese. American people tend to exhibit the fact that they win the lottery and get a lot of money, but Japanese people tend to conceal their information about winning the lottery. I think this difference is connected with their identities which are individualism and collectivism. We (No.2 group) focus on the difference of identities too, and No.3 group deal with the concepts of individualism and collectivism. No.4 group explained that people’s ties are important in Japan but regional identity is so strong in America. They use some examples of festivals like Christmas and Halloween. I think that we can see how their identities are built in the examples. Japanese people join the festival in order to make relationships strong, but American join them to show their identities or just to make fun. No.5 group dealt with the difference of society, and they said that Japanese societies are homogeneous and that American societies are heterogeneous. Japanese people want to integrate into one group, and eventually they make collectivism society. American show diversity through some ways (No.5 group dealt with superhero as one of the ways that shows diversity) and they make individualism society. No.6 group did not focus on the difference of identities through individualism and collectivism, but they talked about the difference of identities using the example of animation. The contents of “Chibi-Maruko Chan” was made for public, but “Sympthons” included many private contents. As same as the other presentations, the difference between public and private connects the difference of individualism and collectivism.
Therefore, we should focus on the difference of identities which are individualism and collectivism. I studied sociology at Keio University, and learned about the difference between American and European societies and Japanese societies. However, I had not focus on individualism and collectivism. I am interested in this difference and I would like to analyze more about it.
We learned about the citizenship. We think about citizenship in two ways which are “Legal” and “Cultural”. I was impressed that this idea : What we buy and sell are part of who we are, but they do not define us. What we buy and sell are influenced by the degree of the legality of the act and culture. In this way, consumption are strong related with how we behave and culture. In American conflicts for civil rights, finally Rosa Parks made less money for the bus companies. I wonder if individualism and collectivism influence the both countries’ consumption. I think that we can see collectivism in a queue in front of stores and that this queue influence Japanese consumption.

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