Journal 3

In this journal, I would like to talk about the comparison based on the religion that we experienced at the new zion baptist church between the culture of Japan and the United States.

At first I felt, this church is a living architecture that people still use. According to the document we received at the entrance of the new zion baptist church, it was built the first building in 1870. Through a couple of rebuilding, it becomes the current figure but it was added the equipment necessary for life such as a light, a television, a flood lighting projector and an air conditioner.

On the other hand in Japan, the most famous religious architecture is temple and shrine. For example, the Ise Grand Shrine is one of the unique shrine in Japan because of the rebuilding system that the new one will be built next to the existing one every twenty years each, and it is attained to bring back into existence again and keep saving then and it is the place to offer up a sacrificial victim to gods. In other words, the Japanese religious architecture is ornamental buildings.

Secondly, I could see a close relationship between religion and music like gospel in the Protestant church. I listened “Great is thy faithfulness” and “Doxology” in the New Zion Baptist church and I was really surprised at all of singing Protestants. In Japan, a monk of Shinto religion, the majority of religion in Japan, just only recite sutra and an audience just listen to his sutra. In addition, it reminds me of the national team for the World Cup. Almost all Japanese people do not sing national anthem even though the people wear the Hinomaru on their back, so I could find the difference in the way of thinking about history and consciousness of singing.

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