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In framework about Culture, citizenship, consumption in modern America, I found that American culture has strong connection with consumption. So, I think that comparing America consumption and Japan one, I can understand how Japanese culture is as well as American culture.

One difference is the use of national flag. American often have American national flags. In t-shirts, bags, plates, cars, tattoos they have them and we can also see them on the street. I think it means that they are proud of their country and love themselves. However, in Japan, few people have Japanese national flags. We can see them on the national building or right-wing group’s cars. We may think that people who always have national flags are radical nationalist or someone dangerous. I think the difference of thought about national flags connect to the thought about war. In WW2, Japanese always have national flags to increase their patriotism. After the war, we taught to think that war is not good thing. So, we may think national flags is related to war, and most of us don’t have them. On the other hand, America won WW2 and they were proud of their country. Therefore, by having their flag, they can remember their golden age.

Second difference is the size of commodities. In America, all of foods, electric appliances, goods are so big. And, Japanese commodities are often small. We care about how they work, so quality is more important than size for us. American may care about the size and amount of them. I couldn’t find why this difference happen, but I think it is interesting thing.  In my speculation, it connects to their natural and geographical features.  If I can understand the reason clearly, I can success in gloval commody business.

We always buy many things. I think it makes differences of their thought, and other countries have other features of consumption. I want to search this topic someday and I want to know more about other countries.

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