Journal 3

In framework lecture 6, I learned citizenship, culture and consumption in America. It is difficult for me to understand citizenship difference between legal and culture because most people who live in Japan are Japanese and they have Japanese cultural citizenship. But in America, people who live in America are American but they don’t have American cultural citizenship. I was interested in culture in this lecture. So I’m writing what I thought about culture by listening to this lecture. I associate “tradition” with listening to culture. Nowadays, many countries like developed countries become globalization. For example, if we go to McDonald’s or Starbucks, we can eat same taste food in different countries. And if I’m in Japan, I can watch American movies like a Harry Potter and a Spider-Man and so on. It is very convenient for me to enjoy other countries cultures because I don’t have to go to the other countries to enjoy it. But I’m afraid of disappearing traditional culture in each countries. For example, we have “enka “ that is traditional music in Japan. But now, J-POP and K-POP, foreign music are very popular among Japanese young people. So there are few people to sing and listen to “enka”. I don’t like “enka” but I’m so sad because it is traditional music in Japan. It has Japanese own music and how to sing. I think that globalization is important for us to respect other countries but we should protect and respect own traditional culture.
In framework lecture 7, I learned American food and culture. I enjoyed this lecture because I was surprised that there is difference of Christmas cake between America and Japan. I think that American must eat whole cake on Christmas Day but this custom is Japanese own culture. When I heard this story, I noticed that I had many “stereotypes”. For example, I researched numbers of female power rangers and super sentai for my focus group presentation. Before I researched the numbers, I thought that power rangers has more than super sentai. But I knew that super sentai was about the same numbers as power rangers. Having “stereotypes” is sometimes not good for us because the way of thinking is fixed and it is difficult for us to make innovation.

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