Journal 3

It was interesting for me to look deep into food and culture relation. Because food is something that we always think about, this lecture was easy to understand. I realized that there are differences in school lunch in Japan and America. In Japan, most of the elementary school has school lunch and everybody, including teachers eats the same lunch in lunchtime. There are no shops to buy food. In Junior high, most of the schools offer school lunch as well. But in high school, it is rare to eat school lunch. We bring our lunch by ourselves. And mother made our lunch everyday in Japan. So until the age of 18, Japanese don’t buy lunch or eat at the cafeteria because they have school lunch and lunchbox. In common, the nutritionist in Japan is calculating all nutrition in school lunch. Therefore, we can trust our food in school lunch. Japan School lunch was officially made right after the World War Two. Japan ran short of food so school lunch is not distributed equally in Japan. School lunch law was enacted and all students in elementary school are able to eat nutritious lunch. I think this is one of the important revolutions in Japan.

On the other hand, School lunch in America seem to be different. I learned that USDA is controlling the school lunch program but it’s not working well enough. I was shocked when I heard the fact that USDA recognized ketchup as a vegetable. Japan should invite the USDA executives to Japan and show the structure of school lunch in Japan. At the same time, I learned the movement called “ Let’s Move” that Ms. Michelle Obama has done. She reformed the school lunch program and taught children to how to choose the right food to eat. I thought this was very important movement for America and should continue but Trump removed all of this effort and using those money to other things instead of school lunch program. I had a strong impression about what professor Vo said about the Trump. She said that whatever Trump does is based on business and government is not a business. Government should provide service to the citizens. I really sympathized with her opinion. Making money for the country is important but it doesn’t mean that he can reduce much more important things for citizens to live peacefully.

I am embarrassed to tell you this but I don’t really know the politics in America. To say the truth, I was not interested in politics that much. I want to be interested in politics but I don’t have opportunity to get interested in. However, I am now very interested in Ms. Michelle Obama and Mr. Barak Obama because they came up several times in our lecture and we discussed about them. I want to know specific policy that Mr. Obama have done that are interesting and how Ms. Michele contributed to American society as a first lady.

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