Journal 3

August 13, I went to the unitarian church, in Williamsburg.
I’m so surprised because I have not ever been like this church. And, I found differences between the churches in America and Japan. In my opinion, the most different thing is the way to react when people say what they practice.
So, in Japan if one person says what they practice, most people feel something strange or discomfort. I think there is two reasons.

One reason is because of some dangerous newly risen religions. So People tend to think religions are dangerous. In my college, there is always announcement for students which be careful of newly risen religion.
Other reason is that most Japanese have no religion. So they feel unnatural when they meet the person practice the religion. In other words, people don’t say what they practice because
they afraid of people’s eyes.

But in America, it is very natural that there are different kinds of religions. So, in the conversations, people ask naturally “What do you believe in?” Then, people can answer the religion they believe in.

In my experiences, I’m not protestant, but I went to the protestant kindergarten. In Japan, it is usual that they go to the school with the religion they don’t practice.
And my sister also went to the protestant middle-school and high-school. So, I think I’m familiar with Christianity rather than other Japanese people with no religious faith.

And I also found the common points of churches in America and Japan.
It is tenderness to children. The church I went to today have the time for children, and also in my kindergarten, in every Sunday, there was the time for them. So, I can have happy memory of the church. And today I feel for them the church is one community and one school.

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