Journal 3

In the framework lecture on August 10, the teacher talked about citizenship and culture. I wonder that there is the difference between citizenship and nationality. I think nationality refers to the state belonging to the country and citizenship is the qualification to form a society. Citizenship has two meaning. These meaning are legal meaning and cultural meaning. America is based on capitalism. The teacher said that capitalism is tied to the spirit of consuming things.

I was surprised that Americans do not save much money, and if they have money they will consume things. In Japan, it is also a country based on capitalism, but emphasis on saving for the future, not only consumption. It felt interesting that Japan and the United States are based on the same principle but there is a big difference in consumption and saving. Do American people not feel insecure without saving money against unforeseen circumstances in the future?

In the framework lecture on August 11, the topic is American food. I was interested in the history of sandwiches. Sandwiches made for people who are busy with work as food that can be got easily and eaten with one hand. It is worldwide common to be too busy with work for daytime hours to eat lunch. So, sandwiches are very popular food also in Japan.

On August 13, I went to the New Zion Baptist church. It was quite far from the church I have known before. There are almost black people and the sound of many instruments, such as drums and harps, are very loud. The Father and the worshipers were talking in places and there were many scenes the worshipers talked in front of everyone so it was possible to taste the sense that the whole was united. I went to Christians’ school, so I have attended Catholic masses many times. At Japanese church, there are many chants, but the instrument is an Organ only and worshipers don’t speak and clap their hands during mass.

After the service, when I heard stories from people who went to other churches, I was surprised that they had completely different impressions. The church I went was for African Americans, so there are many African Americans and it has unusual features. I noticed that the church has various forms depending on the difference in the object.

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