Journal 3

When talking about consumption, it is common to think only about what people buy. It shows a sense of being you, because people do not always have the same taste in clothes, food, or whatever people are purchasing. When we look more deeply into consumption, I learnt through the lecture that it isn’t only about the objects, but it is also about selling or buying the values too.
When I went to the outlet mall, I found American flags everywhere, on t-shirts, shoes, bags. Even if it wasn’t in the shape of a flag, the colours would remind me of the lecture about how it represents citizenship. I wasn’t so surprised to see how patriotism could be seen everywhere, although people here may not have the intention to show or feel it. This made me wonder why it is not so common to see designs of Japanese flags in our daily lives. One of the answers that I came up with was from a historical point of view. Showing patriotism may not be prefered ever since World War 2, because it reminded people about the past and felt militaristic, which may still be applied today.
Food is another important thing in our daily lives. There are many food related posts on social media from America, and I personally enjoy looking at them. Most of them are in cute shapes or colours so it was easy to understand the idea that food today is not about taste, but it is more about showing off how well it looks. I also knew about how American school lunches are not healthy, and that Michele Obama was taking action to improve the situation, but I was surprised by how low the standard of nutrition was set. When I went to a public elementary school in Japan, we had school lunches, but it was all made in school, healthy and was mostly organic. We had classes about how to keep a healthy diet as well, so that we had the basic knowledge about nutritions. Therefore, it seems very strange to me when I hear about how the American government is not trying to improve the situation but priorities the economy instead, even if it is concerning the future of its children.
It is sad to hear that in both America and Japan, eating is not a social event anymore. Although we take things for granted, I think there are things that should be remembered. Like when we have looked at the civil rights movement, things have continuously improved by people’s actions. As long as we are all willing to change the situation, no matter what government it is under, I don’t think it is completely impossible to do the same with health education.

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