I went to watch the baseball game on 10th August, the day before our presentation. I have watched baseball game in Jingu-stadium twice during my elementary school days. So, I want to write about what I noticed through this baseball game watching and the differences between Japan and America baseball watching.

There are mainly two things that I think interesting. These are the way of cheering and cheering goods. The first, about the way of cheering, I felt that people did not cheer much, while they sometimes shout “charge!!!!”, and clap their hands in America. People react to player’s performances rather than cheering players. In the first place, the seats are not separate by team. In Japan, cheering is very important. Each baseball team has own way of cheering, and it is one of the individuality of the team. Also, each team has cheering group performing dancing, singing, or playing instruments. There are different patterns of cheering according to players and the movement of the game. Not just a cheering group, but also a lot of the audiences remember it, so audiences integrate by uttering and dancing with the music or songs during the game.

The second thing is about cheering goods. As I see, there were few people that having cheering goods or wearing same uniforms. Furthermore, I went to the souvenir shop this time, but there is only one shop selling cheering goods, and a variety of cheering goods are also less than Japan. Instead, a variety of T-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps are more than Japan. I think this is the reason why people don’t seem like giving a feeling of uniformity, if individuals wear uniform of the team. On the other hands in Japan, most of the audiences have same goods, wear similar clothes. Therefore, they cheer the team in unified fashion. For example, Yakult Swallows, one of the Japanese baseball teams, all people cheer with little umbrellas. In addition, some baseball team cheer with balloons, such as people fly balloons all at once when 7th team is at bat. Also, there are many shops selling team’s goods, so you can get these easily.

What I mentioned above is that I noticed through the baseball game this time.

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