I took a lecture about food in the U.S. I was interested in origins of lunch and fast food. Thought in japan, there is a culture to make a bento box, and there are many well prepared foods like stewed dished which made at store’s kitchen. Therefore we can get delicious, fresh, and home-made taste easily. I live by myself now so when I’m too lazy to make dinner, generally I buy them at supermarket. Of course, there are some prepared foods in the U.S, but I think a little bit different. Almost they are fast food which are easy to make like wrap and chicken nugget.
I hardly eat fast food [however I work at shakeshack] so I regard fast food and frozen food as so unhealthy foods. And also so many Japanese people must take a lecture about nutrition at school and sometimes we should make a Bento box by ourselves for an homework. I wonder why so many American people consume fast food and why they don’t stop eating that kind of food in spite of they are bad for health. I think American people had better learn more about food, nutrition and what we should eat for their health.
But I found some good points. First, when I went to the burger shop with focus group, I saw grand mother and her grand children ate a hamburger together. In Japan, most older people don’t eat foods which is popular for younger Japanese people for example hamburger, steak, pasta. Because there wasn’t a culture to eat foods from foreign countries so often. I think this is a great point that people share food with different generations.
Second, fast foods can save time to make meals. In Japan, when mother makes Bento box for their children, if she uses frozen food to much, she will be regarded as a lazy mother. Therefore such bad culture put pressure on Japanese mothers. I think Japanese people should use more frozen food or fast food to make meals easily and save time.

And today, I went to the church.
I was surprised there were box seats because I thought generally seats are just in line at church. Songs that chorus sang were really good and made me so relaxed. there were a lot of older people who are dressed up so nicely. In Japan, when people go to the temple and shrine, we don’t need to be dressed up so much.
I was interested in difference of religion between Japan and the U.S through visiting the church. It was really good experience for me.

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