The lecture on 10th was about citizenship, culture and consumption in modern America. I learned a lot from the triangle relationship among those three. First, there is the relation between culture and consumption which people cannot get anything related to culture without money. And to have a citizenship, you have to have a same culture as that of where the citizenship is. If you have different culture, you may not be regarded as citizen. In addition, citizenship has another legal aspects, which is about race, obligations, ascriptions, and so on. The relation between citizenship and consumption is something conflict because buying something is not all of you, just part of you. This made me think about how our identities depend on what we buy. For instance, I like to buy clothes but I notice that I do so because I want a good appearance. I was so impressed the most by this idea of the relation between citizenship and consumption.

 We did our presentation on 12th. And also I saw other Focus Group’s presentations. All presentations were good worked-out and interesting to see and listening to. The most impressed presentation for me was the one about food service. The thesis of this presentation was related to individualism and collectivism. Our presentation’s thesis was also related to these two, so I was interested to see that even same theories can lead many ways of thinking.

 The church visiting on 13th was also impressed one. My high school was mission school (the Protestantism) and I had services every morning, so I have the image of what the service is like and what the church is look like. But the service of Unitarianism was almost different from the one I knew. All people there kindly welcomed us. I felt comfortable though I was there for not so long time. The lecture about the religion was a little bit difficult for me to understand but it reminded me of how the situation in America is complicate and difficult.

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