In framework7, we learned about food. Food is essential for human and food is familiar in daily life, so the lecture was interesting. I found two things about food in America.

First about salad. I was surprised that there are no salad or fresh vegetables at hotel’s breakfast buffet. In Japan almost every time buffet have them so I was surprised about it. Many Japanese restaurant offer salad set, and in my image many people eat salad. When I eat out in Japan I often eat it. But in America I feel that the number of salad menu is less than in Japan. Especially the number of small and cheap salad is little. In America the size of salad is big and expensive. So I think salad is one of the differences between Japan and America.

Second, about water. When I drank tap water I thought this water had strange taste. In dialog class we talked about water and I learned that the taste of water was different because hardness of water is differ in Japan and America. Hardness of water is higher in America than in Japan. Hard water have more mineral than soft water so hard water have distinctive taste.

Next topic is about the experience at church. This was the first time for me to go church. So everything was new and it was precious experience. I felt there were many older people and few young person in church. In America there are various races, so there is many kinds of church. On the other hand in Japan the number of church is little. In my image some Japanese people don’t have good image about religion.I feelĀ  that the world famous religion like Christianity is accepted. But people hesitate to accept religion that originating in Japan and is not so famous in the world like Koufukunokagaku, Soukagakkai. Both of them are based on Buddhism. Like this in Japan some people have bad image about religion so I think there are few church in Japan.


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