When Dr. Charlie McGovern taught consumption to us, I thought that American people spend more money on shopping than Japanese people. I think that American people consume food and daily commodities as a duty after he said “Shopping is Labor as well as Leisure.” When I went to Williamsburg Outlets and Monticello Marketplace, I was surprised at the size of them, a lot of commodities and the size of each one of commodities. On the other hand, in Japan, the size of supermarkets and commodities are smaller. Also, I think that Japanese people do not buy as many commodities as American people. This is because most of the Japanese people do not like wasting money and they tend to save money in the future. Thus, American people spend much money on shopping in order to make the most of now and Japanese people save much money so as to think much of the future. I can say that this is a difference between American and Japanese cultures through consuming.

Food is another important thing in our daily lives. In Khanh Vo’s lecture “American Food and Culture,” she told us that American point of view about food has changed with the times. Today, In America, USPA controls the school lunch program and Lunches must meet minimum nutrition. However, I think American people eat unhealthy food, because I felt that American food is sweeter and oilier than Japanese food when I came to America. I also knew about how American school lunches are not healthy. Once I remembered Japanese school lunches in my childhood, they are very healthy, balanced and mostly organic. In addition, in my school, many cooks make our lunches at school, so I ate just made lunch. We had classes about how to keep a healthy diet as well, so that we had the basic knowledge about nutrition. Therefore, I was surprised that the American government is not trying to improve the situation but priorities the economy. I think that the American government should think about children’s health and improve their school lunches. Finally, I heard that nowadays the part of Japanese school lunches introduces international dishes such as Indian curry, paella, and Chinese food. In this way, the Japanese government has educated children about global world through food, so the American government should put effort into school lunches following Japan.

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