I went to a church, and I had a lecture about religion on August 13th. I went to “Unitarian Universalist Church,” and this is my first time to visit a church. What I was the most impressed is that the church play a lot of roles. The church is a place where not only people pray but also they communicate with acquaintances. All people in the church are very friendly. They enjoyed talking with each other. In addition, everyone welcomed us, and they talked with us. A woman who I talked with told me that this church was heartwarming and lovely place for her, because everyone accept all of her. I also think the church was where people educate their children. There is a nursery in the church. And in worship, a lecture was held for children. In Japan, a neighborhood association have the same role as a church,from the viewpoint of not religion but communication. Each town has it and it takes place some events to make deep friendship and educate children. However, because of decreasing in the number of children these days, many neighborhood associations disappear, so the connection with neighbor and friends also disappear. My hometown don’t have it. So, I was envious of the church.

When I return from the church, I came up with one question.I wonder how people think of other sect, because I found some differences between churches. Ari told us each church
we went to was different sect. If there is something different depending on sect, can people accept each other? I think all religion should be accepted unless it is violence. However I can say so, because maybe I have no faith in religion. I want to know how people who have faith in a certain sect think about others.

The lecture about religion was so difficult for me to understand. This is because many Japanese people including me don’t believe in religion, so I’m not familiar with it. However, there are many incidents relevant to religion all over the world. I need to know and think about religion more and more.


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