The lecture on August 10th is Culture, citizen and Consumption. I learned from this lecture, Usually, I have never thinking about relationship with citizenship and consumption. Personally, the easiest to understand example is Barbie doll. Barbie doll is one of the merchandise, this doll has a roll to express citizenship. I want to think more about the value of merchandise and how effect to the culture when I will buy something. The lecture on August 11th is American food. I was shocked that they think ketchup as vegetable in America. I heard people ate two times a day. Therefore, I was interested in the history of the lunch. Culture of food is flowing through the country, so we can see easily local gourmet in America. The lecture on August 13th is religion in America. I haven’t interested in this theme until now. However, today’s lecture taught me that religion is very important. I did not understand the details, so when I returned to Japan I thought that I should investigate more. 

     In August 12th, I listened to Focus Group Presentations. I was so nervous to do our presentation, but the other groups presentation made me ease my tension. I learned a lot of things from listening to presentations. For example, in Group3 their presentations, their power point was made contrive. In addition, their voice is loudly, having confidence and clear. We thought that “Let’s play presentation with confidence. In terms of the culture comparison, Group4 is more interesting story.  Especially, the difference of ways to spend a time is most impression things.  I thought that all group presentations were so good, I want to praise everyone’ s efforts. 

     Today I went to the Bruton Parish church. I have never been to visit the church. When I was entering the church, I felt the solemn atmosphere. In Japan, I went to the temple to pray and draw an omikuji. Omikuji means one of the scratch. There are stages. I went to the temple only one time a year. On the other hand, in the America, Chris said that the people who goes to Bruton Parish church strongly respect the god. I was surprised at attendees. There were a lot of old people. I thought that “What were the young people doing?”

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