First, let me talk about the first impression of church and person in church.New Zion Baptist Church is a beautiful church and I surprised that it has 2 screens and many instruments. That was awesome.In the beginning of a religious service, they welcome all parson whoever come. And they let them self-introduction. That was impressive for me. Some churchmen also talked to us something and offered to shake hands kindly. Perhaps their expression are peaceful and they have kindness comes from the teaching of catholic priest such as “Living in peace & being holy”, on the religious service,

Secondly,I’ll talk about lecture of American Food & Culture. I didn’t know the fact that some foods like sandwich   connected with gender. For female, it made nice, delicate and clean, while for male, has a lot of meets and full of ingredients. Are there any foods which is related to gender still now?

I am also interesting about the fact that ancient people had some misunderstandings about food nutrition. For example, they considered donuts as nourishing because of advertisements.  Advertisement has a large influence on what people eat, and advertisement often connect with government. That Is why food ties with governments. I think Japan has a problem about it. For example, smoking. Almost all of Japanese people know that to smoke cigarette is harmful to our health. Nowadays, in Japan, teacher tell their students “smoking does nothing but harm”. But 1/3 men smoke cigarettes in Japan. Why there are so many people who smoke?One of the reason is that tobacco company supporting the global economy. That’s why governments can’t abandon smoking. In addition, in Japan, there are few warning in the package of tobacco, as the picture of horrible lung cancer or death rates of smoking people. Because we have a right to know, tobacco company need to warn user more, and government consider policy to pretend people from harmful, I think.

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