I’ll respond to the lecture of “American food and culture” and Unitarian church.

     Firstly, I’ll discuss the lecture. The professor argued in her lecture that in the U.S., consuming is strongly connected with the citizenship. There are two types of citizenship, one is legal and the other is cultural. The citizenship that the professor mainly addressed was the former that have tight connection with belonging, respect and privileges. American people buy a lot of thongs and most of them don’t have the idea of saving money. On the other hand in Japan, people have the spirit of “mottainai”, which means that buying too much is wasteful, so should not be done. And people generally buy goods regardless of whether or not the relationship with other countries is good or not. For example, some Japanese people hate Chinese because of the history of WW. But Japanese people buy many things that are produced in China, regardless of our history. Considering that point, unlike America, we Japanese don’t consider consumption and citizenship different. It can also be thought that Japanese people have less the spirit of nationalism than American people.

     Secondly, I’ll talk about Unitarian church where I went today. When I was junior high and high school student, I went to the Catholic school. And I had a lot of opportunities which learned about Catholic, like going to Catholic church, singing sacred songs and reading the Bible. Today, we went to Unitarian church, which is the non-traditional stance of Christianity and emphasize the uniqueness of God. The church was not the one that I had expected. At Catholic churches that I have ever been to, the priest was only one person and the atmosphere of churches was very sacred and quiet. On the other hand, at the church we went today, two white women acted at priest and children were called in front of the priests and listened to the women. The atmosphere was more casual than I’ve expected and clothes people wore was also not so formal. Until today, when I hear the word “church”, I always conceive Catholic church, however today I fortunately had an chance to go to Unitarian church and it was very fresh and interesting for me. And the church was also so surprising for me in that the flag the color of which was rainbow was flew at the entrance of the church. According to the explanation, the flag means the permission for LGBTQ people to come and pray there. In the ceremony, we all recited together that “Everybody can come, whoever you are” and after we said that, we all embraced each other. When I saw the situation, I felt that the church was very open-minded to all kinds of people.


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