journal 4

When I arrived at Washington, I thought that this city was like Shinjuku, Tokyo. There are so many stores and people. However, I think there are also different points from urban in Tokyo.

First, I was surprised at diversity of people in Washington. What I was most impressed was that there are more homeless people in Washington than urban in Tokyo. Homeless also live in Shinjuku, but their locations are corner of the station which few people walk through. It is because that recently it is prohibited to throw away gavages on the road and many parks are closed at night. So homeless people in Japan have to live in the place which don’t stand out from other people. But, in Washington, homeless are on the road which people walk through, and begged money in very active attitude. I thought this is one of the “American” aspects. And many of them were African-American and people who was shopping in the rich stores were White-American. I think it shows what recent America is. It is cynical that this thing happens in the capital of America.

Secondly, there are not only business buildings and shopping place, but also many museum, scripture and historical building in Washington. A lot of foreigner visit Shinjuku, but there are only business building and shopping place. I think the city that it has both aspects which is business and history is very rare. I understood why capital of America is not New York but Washington.

Thirdly, in Washington, most museums are free or very cheap. Tokyo has many museums but most museums admission fee are expensive. The reason is that Japan government is reluctant to give budget to museum. Recently, Japan doesn’t regard humanities such as arts and history and literature highly. So museum has to rise admission fee. But in America, museums are helped by government. I want Japanese government to learn American attitude.

I can understand Washington more deeply by comparing with Japan. And I think capital of nation often become a symbol of the nation. There are two days for me to go sightseeing, so I want to visit more place and study what America is.


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