We Have Incredible Time Eminently (Journal 4)

White and tall monument told me that I’m finally in Washington DC. On my first night in DC, I went to a Belgian restaurant serving dishes with mussels near the hotel we stay. When I walked streets, I soon found that DC, a capital city of this country, is quite different from Williamsburg or Richmond. This city is very clean, organized still somehow comfortable, maybe because it is not clouded with people like Tokyo. Buildings are not too tall and colorful which makes me fall in love with this city.


Visit to Japanese embassy is one of the special event I could experience in this program. Not just because it is not easy to get into the embassy but also I have some interest in a job of diplomat. Two Japanese diplomats we met told us what kind of work they do at the embassy or how they became diplomats. I haven’t decided what I want to do after graduation from university but I want to use English in my future job. If I have negotiation or connection with America in the future as a part of my future job, what I learned about American culture in this program will certainly help me a lot. The way students of both Keio and William and Mary think of their future paths inspire me a lot too. Some have big dream, some make effort to realize what they want to do. Finding what I want to do in the rest of my life as a job is not easy. (Most of Japanese people don’t change their job once they get one after graduation.) I need to do a lot of research to get different ideas and ask myself what I’m interested in the most which takes time. I will start doing those things when I go back to Japan.


I went to Capitol, White House and Supreme Court. Among them, White House is most familiar to me because we see it in TV news or TV drama. After looking at the Capitol, it seemed a little small but beautiful with a big garden and white walls. I learned that White House is not just a work place for the president but also a “house” for first family, a place the president invites important people from foreign countries and a place people can claim their opinions(in the garden). It is interesting that American people own White House. First family seems to have nice life in that beautiful white building but actually they live there with a help of American citizens and they hardly have privacy. I want to learn more about American political system to connect what I learned about White House.

I tried to put a key word of this city in the tital and failed in terms of grammer!

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