Journal 4

My first impression of Washington D.C. is a great one. When I woke up in the bus, I was surprised at the view of many traditional and dignified buildings. From inside of bus, I could see Washington Monument. It was very tall and symbolic. At the night, when we arrived D.C., we walked to see the White House. There are police officers to pay attention to danger, and they were a little different from Japanese police officers because they had a big gun. I realized that the United States is a society under gun control. Also, there were some out speakers who told visitors their thoughts against the U.S. government in front of the White House. I thought that if the Trump administration makes some big decision, an amount of such speakers’ groups will get increased and the situation will be confusing or worse.

On the next day, we had a wonderful experience of visiting the Embassy of Japan. As we entered the Embassy, I felt as if I had come back to Japan because I have been missing Japan. After Wako presented our program in William and Mary, there was an opportunity to talk with two Japanese diplomats. The speech told by both diplomats was very impressive. They not only are intelligent but also have a good manner and many insights. I respect them for having done many important missions for Japanese people. Mr.Seto taught me that he have made a lot of mistakes and the mistakes gave him a chance to progress. Those words have a great meaning to me. I learned that whatever I work for, it is necessary to have an ability of being kind and smart and taking care of others. Though I was at a loss deciding what I should do when I returned Japan, I was encouraged to be active through this event.

On yesterday’ night, we cycled around the Washington city by bicycles watching the Washington Monument. It was very refreshing. And today, we had a night trip watching around memorials. We saw the Washington Monument, World War 2 Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial and Martin Luther King Monument. What I was most impressed is World War 2 Memorial because there were a hundred stars displayed which stand for the number of the people who had sacrificed by World War 2. It was incredible number for me. As walking around, I came to want to learn more about American history. I felt knowing events which relate only to Japanese history is not enough. This experience motivated me to increase my insights.

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