Journal 4

 I went to Washington, D.C. on August 15.  I have been interested in Washington, D.C. because there are a lot of historical museums about the various types from the past till now.  At the first night, we walked around the hotel.  Then, we were spoken to stranger suddenly.  Girls who came with me were so scared.  I noticed that it is easier than in America that woman can walk alone in Japan.

I learned the three American’s transportation cultures.  One is the uber.  We used the system of uber which can transport what we want to go.  The driver was kind so we can talk about a lot of the American culture.  I was surprised at this system in that they came across the street right away.  Second is train system.  Although some people were getting off the train, the train didn’t wait for us.  We are confused about that because in Japan, the train wait for us when we get on the train safely.  Third is the system of bike.  There are many bike stations in the city.  So, we can transfer to the destination easily.  I thought that what a nice system!!  The city of Washington, D.C. is so big. These bikes help us to look around the city.

On August 17, I went to The United States Capitol.   I was overwhelmed by the size.  I should have research more about the roles of this place.  On the way to congress, we encountered a squirrel.  They were everywhere and they were very pretty.  Next, I went to the natural history museum. I thought that this museum was like a zoo.  There were a lot of notable exhibitions.  Among them, I was interested in the origin of human.  From the development of language to adaptation to the environment, we can learn a lot of things which over text in my school.  In the afternoon, our dialogue class went to national mall.  I reconsider the recognition of the Vietnam War.  Wall with many victims made me feel the transience of life.

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