journal 4

(edited version)

I’m currently on my last days of my stay in America. Since I submitted my third journal, I have been stayed in Washington DC. In last few days I went to a lot of place in DC during my free time. For my last journal, I would like to share where I went and what I’ve learned by traveling DC.

On August 14, We arrived at Washington DC and we had our first free time in DC. That night I went to the area near our hotel to get dinner. We had a nice Italian food, and on our way back home we found a bookstore. When we entered the book store, I soon realized that there were some politics book section. I remembered that DC is a very important city for US government, so I went closer to have a look…and found a children story book called “A Child’s First Book of Trump”! I read it through, and was so surprised how it was so sarcastic even though it is a children’s book. In Japan we never make a children’s book like that so we don’t bias them. But I really liked the concept and thought that adults could have fun reading it!

On August 15, We visited Japanese embassy. It was my first time to get in any embassy so I was very looking forward to. I was shacked that some of the diplomats I talked to had been in different Japanese embassies. They were so nice and seemed to be very interested in our program. After leaving Japanese embassy, we had free time till the end of the day. First we went to Cheese cake factory to have lunch. The cheese cake was so big and sweet that I couldn’t finish all, but I really enjoyed the experience. After that, we went to George Town and did a little bit of shopping. I really liked the town because I found the houses and the shops were very colorful and pretty. I also thought that it is nice because the shops were all very trendy and fashionable but it was in each separate building. When I go to shopping in Japan, I often go to malls, so it was pretty new for me.

I can’t believe that this journal is the last one I submit during this program. I’ll enjoy every single moment until the very end of my journey in the US!


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