Journal 4

On August 15, I have been to the Japanese embassy for the first time. The embassy suddenly appeared when I was walking on the normal road. So, I was surprised that it is at such a place. The embassy was much more beautiful than I expected, and the officers welcomed us. Then, Wako Yamamoto did presentation about what we have learned in this program. It was so excellent and I was able to review what I learned and did. After that, we talked to the officers and gave us valuable stories. For example, they told what kind of work they are doing at the embassy and advised about my future dream. I thought that I am glad I participate in this program. Because I could not experience like this unless I participate.
While Japan has less monuments, there are many national monuments in Washington D.C. and I have been there. First, I went to the Air Force Memorial, the Pentagon and Pentagon memorial during free time. It was something imitated in the shape of clouds that can be made when the fighter aircrafts soar, and it was very interesting in a very magical form. Speaking of September Eleven Attacks, people (at least in Japan) associate with World Trade Center in New York. So, I didn’t know the incident at the Pentagon. In Pentagon memorial, there are many memorial benches with the name of the victims. Visiting this place, I thought again that even if terrorism is done, nothing will be solved rather problems will arise. With Dialogue class, I went to the Washington memorial, WW II memorial and the Lincoln memorial. At the Lincoln memorial, I was able to see famous words, “GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE”. I was so excited.
Of course, everyone know that Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States. So, in Washington D.C., there are many state agencies such as the White House and United States Capitol like in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo. But there are some differences between Washington D.C. and Tokyo. First, by compared to Tokyo, the roads are wider. In Tokyo, there are many roads of one way because of the narrowness of the roads. So, I felt that easier to know where we are because of straight roads. Secondly, both in Washington and Tokyo, there are many museums such as the Smithsonian Museum and National Museum of Nature and Science. But there are big differences. These are admission to the museums and the number of exhibits. In Japan we have to pay fee at almost museums meanwhile in America we din’t have to pay fee at almost museums. But the quality of museums are equally ( maybe in America is higher). Also, there are more exhibits in one museum. So, I was tired walk around museums. And I impressed by high motivation for American to learn more things.

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