Journal 4

Taking almost 3 hours from Williamsburg, when I woke up, the expansive great Washington memorial was there before my eyes, we finally arrived at the capital, central governmental city of great United States of America, Washington D.C.

First day in D.C, though I was tired, I have no idea that not going to the White House as soon as possible. A lot of tourists are there, they took photograph freely and some people show their performance with instruments. I think myself that is one of the best feature to illustrate the US’s freedom. Nevertheless, since that authoritative building is the place where the president lives, the security was so strict that security guards have big frightful rifle, also they stand it on the White House to check the safe widely. In Japan, there is no person who play their tools in front of the Prime Minister’s house, however, because of the existence of weapons, comparing the strength of the security system, I’m sure that American security are much stronger than in Japan. I don’t mean that is bad thing in Japan, I want to say that situation shows how Japan is such a kind of safety country.

On 16th August, we went to visit two huge world-class museums which are The National Gallery of Art and National Archives. To tell the truth, I’m not interested in museum especially about art, but famous exhibition which is a genuine article of Declaration of Independence, Bill of Right and the picture drawn by Leonardo da Vinci, Oscar-Claude Monet were deeply impressive. The thing I was really surprised was though each museum and exhibition are wonderful, the admission fee is free. Since in Japan, we must to pay around 10 dollars to see the exhibition, therefore we tend not to visit the museum even the student’s fee is cheaper. I’m sure that is the main reason why Japanese, particularly the young, are not familiar with the knowledge of the history, art, and so on. According to “the rule of the museum” in Japan, the admission fee must be free in principle, however, in former days, people think making free on admission will cause problems, for instance, the visitor who is not for sightseeing but sleeping and living. Therefore, they don’t want to make free while they want to show the exhibition. However, I think that is just stereotype, I’m sure the reality is there are no people to do such thing. This is because, although we see homeless in Washington town, we couldn’t see in them in the museum. I know that it is difficult to make free, because other museums, for example, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, we have to pay ourselves.
As I researching and looking the atmosphere of this city, I think the main reason that why Washington has a lot of museums which we don’t have to pay they want to come Washington D.C! Without museums, we know that the city is just political place. They want to prevent boring city.

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