Journal 4

 The next day after arriving at Washington D.C., I went to the Japanese Embassy on foot. In the embassy, Wako, a leader of our program, made a presentation about our program. She talked that what we learned, how the program of the College of William and Mary and Keio University was wonderful. There are few opportunities to go to the embassy and I didn’t know what was going on at the embassy, so the time was so interesting for me.

 After the Japanese embassy tour, I rode American subway for the first time,  I found the difference of indication on digital display between America and Japan. In America, there is no indication of arriving time on digital display. Also even if train delay happens, there is no apologies of it. On the other hand, in Japan the opposite things happen. I think that there is a reason of it. It is related to the individualism in America and the collectivism in Japan. American people are more independent than Japanese people. So I thought that American train companies didn’t mind their passengers’ schedule more than necessary. I also thought that when train delay happened, American train companies put making trains arrive at station before apologizing their passengers. In contrast, Japanese think that one fault influences everyone else who is in the same place. So I thought that Japanese train companies indicated arriving time on digital display in order not to make their passengers’ schedule change. Also, I thought that  when train delay happend, they felt that they bothered their passengers, and Japanese train companies apologized.

 The difference between America and Japan is so interesting because I can see the cultural difference in the daily landscape.

 My Washington D.C life is so fun, but I am very sad because I have to leave America in two days…

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