Journal 4

Before I come to Washington D.C., I had the impression of metropolitans, this city is packed with many tall buildings, because Washington D.C. is the nation’s capital. However I came to there, I could see a lot of old buildings like the White House, Smithsonian Institutions and the United States Capitol. In addition, headquarters of a couple of company also uses old buildings. In the field of architecture and urban designing, keeping an appearance and unified scenery is the most important things and we should be considered firstly, so the Washington D.C. is one of the city with unity, and I think that is political city.

Moreover, I think that Washington D.C. is also educational city because there are a lot of museum or memorial statue in this city like a museum of Smithsonian and the Washington Memorial. Similar location in Japan is Ueno, one of the historical city in Tokyo, but basically a museum in Ueno does not look back over the history of our own country and In the first place, there are few museums compared with Washington D.C. In nighttime tour of memorials, I felt strongly that because a lot of monuments near the tourist spot in the city. Therefore, I think that many travelers have an opportunity to think about the historical things like World War II and Civil Rights Movements because of the monuments near a tourist spot. In actual, I have never thought about the Korean Veterans and Vietnam Veterans. But in Japan, to know the opportunity of the war history is just someone engaged in or experienced in warfare spoke to us about their experiences or visit the front such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If Japan had a lot of monuments near the tourist spot or familiar place, Japanese would gain more insight about the history of own country.

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