Journal 4

Sadly, our days in Williamsburg came to an end. I loved the people, the campus, the nature. There wasn’t a day I felt bored because there was so much to learn about the American culture from the lectures, dialogue classes and from the activities. Although I was worried about speaking up and coming up with questions, as I got used to the process of brainstorming and started to get the idea of connecting the information together, it became easier than I thought. I didn’t get to mention it in the final dialogue class, but I felt very comfortable there, and I am so glad to be a part of the green group. I was so overwhelmed by how everyone was asking concise questions and the amount of knowledge everyone had. However, that made me feel motivated to learn and try more actively, so if it hadn’t been for everyone, I don’t think I would have had such a great time learning and exchanging our opinions.
However, this is still not the end of our trip, here comes Washington DC! Although I loved being in the rural part of America, I also felt excited for being in the city, and to feel the hustle and bustle. Before I came to this city, I had an imagined it to be just like New York. But in my opinion, I prefer this city more. The city is nice and clean, and as I had a dream of being an architect before, the ancient buildings are all very beautiful and takes my breath away.
As I was taking the train on my free time, I got to notice something I wouldn’t have in Japan. We were supposed to take the yellow line, but made a mistake and rode on the green line. After a few stops, we realised and went back, but until a certain stop, most of the passengers were African American people. I thought that by looking at the passengers, we can guess the racial difference that exists between areas, and the gap between economic status because of the expenses of the area. In Japan, as we don’t have racial differences, it is hard to tell how the population of that area is made up of. Also, as we walked towards the Japanese embassy, in front of each country’s building, there was a statue that represented someone important for that country. Unlike Japan, I realised that this city is a place full of statues and monuments. It is interesting to see the city from a different perspective, since I now have more knowledge about the American culture. If it was me from a few weeks ago, I would only be following someone else, and wouldn’t have observed the situation.
We only have a few more days left, but I am excited to learn more about the history and art from the Smithsonian museum, as well as from the monuments that we will be visiting together.

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