Journal 4

My first impression in Washington D.C. is that the street is lined on both sides with finely, roads are radially provided, and it look like an European but buildings are larger than European buildings. About people, I can see Asian people such as Chinese, Korean, and Japanese around there. In search of Washington D.C. the most large rates of black people in America is Washington D.C. And more and more black people are come to live in Washington D.C. They may come to find work. Hotel man, who I talked to, is also living near the hotel but has no family. He works for 5:30~23:00 everyday, I think it is very hard work.

In my surprise, not asian people but black people are in there mostly in Chinatown. I think it might be Asian streets, it was a surprising fact. But inside the shop, there are almost White and Asian.

And what impressed me most in Washington is that there are a lot of homeless people on the street and park, begging for something for someone. There are mostly black, and some of them make community of homeless, talking to each other.In Japan, there are also homeless people, but they don’t beg us so much, and tend to withdraw into themselves by living in their home-made cardboard house. I wonder American homeless is more reduced to poverty, and needs people’s help.And by sarching, 57000 homeless people are in Washington, and 13000 people of them have no foods and cloths, sicking into poverty. 30 percent of them have chronic ill health. This is a surprising fact! Nevertheless, their amount of pensions are reduced. It may serious problem in America.

Lastly, I want to write about my favorite place.  National Gallery of Art is  the most exciting place I’ve ever been in WA. There are pictures by Monet, Manet, Cezanne and Leonardo Davinci !!  A large number of famous paintings I could see. The most exciting paint for me was that “Ginevra de ‘Bench” of Davinci. Because the Drawing is beautiful and her sad expression touched my heart. She must marry a man whom she don’t love and she was only 17 years old! That is why I feel so sorry for her.

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