Journal 4

I went to many places in Washington D.C., and especially, the White House impressed me as the center of politics in America. I did not know about how the President was treated by American people superficially. In other words, I want to know how the President is treated in any kinds of advertisement of any products, or by mass media. In the souvenir store near the White House, there were pens which were put on Trump’s head on the top, and there was one sentence on the package. If I am not mistaken, “Let’s laugh with/at Donald Trump!” is the sentence. I was so surprised at this advertisement. Basically, what includes the contents of politics does not come to be a joke in Japan. Because Japanese think that this theme is too serious to talk with anyone or to talk as a joke. Therefore, there might be cultural differences about how people think about politics. If almost all of Japanese people do not like the Prime Minister, any Japanese firms does not use the advertisement like that. I think that we can find the reason why American can talk politics as a joke in the process that they got civil rights by themselves. American experienced some conflicts to get their civil rights so far. Compared to that, Japanese did not experience any internal conflicts. American had to have a clear opinion to get their civil rights, but Japanese did not. I think this is the reason why the difference occurs.
We went to the Japanese Embassy and talked with the two staffs of the Embassy. They talked about their background and their working history. I begun job-hunting recently, so I was interested in what they talked. They are elites and may have high social class, but they said that they were not special from the beginning. I guess it is important to make efforts and to strengthen my faith in future. In both countries, the efforts will be rewarded.

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