Journal 4

I enjoyed the days of Williamsburg, but we moved to Washington D.C, which is the capital of the U.S. I have never been there so far, so this is my first experience. In my first impression about Washington D.C. is that it is similar to the area around Tokyo station because there are many buildings, office workers and cars, and then there are not houses. However, there are some differences between Washington D.C. and Japan. What I was most impressed was that it has large spaces and time passed so slowly. Tokyo, which is the capital of the Japan, is famous to be very busy city and in practice, people walked speedy and there is always road congestion. In Washington D.C, there are many monuments about the U.S. This is not common in Japan and there are not any monuments in Tokyo. I wonder why there are not any monument in Tokyo. I asked this question to Chris and he said Japan has already had many old buildings to remember and respect old times such as the Imperial Palace, shrines and temples, so it is not necessary to construct new buildings about old times. On the other hand, in my opinion, these monuments are symbol of nationalism of the U.S. The nationalism of the U.S. was made by its history such as the Civil War. The U.S. has large land and there are many kinds of people because of ethnic diversity. Therefore, American try to separate many times in the long history. In order not to divide, the U.S. try to express their nationalism by making the monument. Meanwhile, Japanese do not have the nationalism because Japan is an island country and Japanese not to try to divide. I think this makes the differences of the characteristic between Tokyo and Washington D.C.

Also, I went to the Union Station by bike today. I was impressed that it has beautiful design. Especially, I like the stained glasses that shine by the sun light.  It was very beautiful. I think the Union Station looks like the Tokyo Station. However, it does not have the stained glass and the inside of it is very dark.

Washington D.C and Tokyo have something in common. On the other hand, there are many differences in the same time.



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