Journal 4

I’m just relieved now because I finished my biggest job in this program in the Embassy of Japan. I want to thank everyone for giving me the special opportunity. This experience will definitely be my treasure for the rest of my life. I could see all PAs, CIs, and program members smiling and nodding at me while I’m presenting. That made me calm and I was able to do my presentation with confidence.
I felt sad at the last day in Williamsburg because we spent most of the time there and I have lots of memories such as dialogue class and focus group presentations. Most heart warming event was the group photo. I could see people getting close to each other in this program. I’m so happy to see that moment.

After presenting in the Japanese embassy, I went around the Washington DC with Koto and Ryoko. We used subway for the transportation, which is our first experience. Surprisingly, the subway was cleaner than I thought. In the train, one lady said to me, “l like your shoes!” I was surprised because in Japan, people don’t usually talk to the strangers. Train is the place where people sit quietly or sleep in Japan.
We walked to the national postal museum near the national union station. I learned how mailing system works and history of the postcard. Now, we communicate others with email and it’s rare for us to write letters to communicate. But I learned that letter was very important for early people because it was the only way for them to say hello and make sure they are doing well. I don’t know in what occasion American write letter. If there is any traditional letter culture in America. In Japan, we have less people writing letter these days. We write new year card called “nengajyou” in Japan and this is something that we celebrate new year and thank people using the postcard. However, situation is changing. They just type “Happy New Year!” and send it by email. Post office company in Japan want Japanese to buy postcard and send new year card because they can earn lot of money during that period. Therefore, they use popular Japanese actors for its commercial. I love writing letters and also having letters from others. So I always write letter or some message notes to say thank you and congratulation. I wonder whether America’s post office also have same issue like Japan.
We have only one day left in this program. It was my first experience studying abroad, and it is definitely the best program ever.

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